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"chatroulette" is the fastest rising search keyword of 2010, higher than iPad (see Google™ Zeitgeist). If you intend to start a similar website, we will back you up with the best "chat roulette like" script.

Periscope Android vs Meerkat Android vs spycam.io

Chatroulette Clone is the improved alternative to chat roulette, the popular video chat application. RVC is the leader in developing chatroulette filters and new features. Our improved, 100% uncompiled flash/php source code is based on massive support from programmers, paid contributors and voluntary supporters (meet 3000+ forum members). The script comes with all these great features included: chatroulette alternatives (live demos).

Latest Version: SVC 0.9 - Chatroulette Clone RVC 4.0 was the first mature release; the new SVC includes social network (facebook) integration, speed, stability and a new, polished user interface read more....

CRC 3.0 Awards

RVC Random Video Chat (RVC5.9)

The top rated Chatroulette Script, RVC 5.9 Random Video Chat (started in 2010 as a Chatroulette Clone) is the highest rated and most popular script to start your own video chat or chatroulette -website.
Watch our demo and remember: you can change layout, background, colors, the whole look and feel.

Fully customizable to fit ANY layout

RVC video chat is the only chat roulette- alternative, script that is ready for any layout you see among the chatroulette websites. RVC video chat is ready to run using the language of your choice, without the need of rewriting the source code.
Most of chat roulette websites (even if they look very different) are powered by RVC/CRC.
RVC is ready for both RTMFP (Cirrus) and RTMP (Red5), also for social network implementation.

RVCS Chat Roulette Clone (RVCS0.3)

RVCS Chat Roulette Clone is the market leader chatroulette script. Based on one year experience with RVC and over 1000 feedback and support requests messages RVCS is the best and most reliable solution to start a chatroulette website.
Lightweight, super-fast, reliable and affordable!

Full RTMFP using AFP 10.1+

RVCS is taking advantage of the latest RTMFP technology (2011) and features offered by Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 including lightning-fast connections and minimal server resource/bandwidth usage.

With RVCS0.3 you don't need the MySQL database, the connections and user data are handled by AFMS via RTMFP relieving you form any problems caused by the real-time user/availability synchronization.

RVC or RVC-S is best for me?

RVC-S 0.1 is a chat roulette clone, fast and lightweight random video chat, minimalistic and clean (some features will come soon). RVC 5 is an advanced video chat including several intuitive features and settings, as well as username support that makes it ready for website and social network implementation.

Dozens of new features included

Language Support, Browser Detect
Gender filter, Age filter, Camera Only filter, Country filter, User filter, User Report, Ban User
SpeedChat, MyFilter, Auto Next + Auto Connect, Auto Start, Nicknames, RVC sounds, Bg Changer
Stratus support, Red5 support, Instant Connect (Stratus & Red%), Facebook canvas ready, 3rd Party- Chatroulette Widget, Facebook integration, Wordpress Integration, Joomla integration, Blogger integration

The best Chatroulette Clone Script for your own site

Chatroulette Clone is the market leader chatroulette script. Its flagship features as SpeedChat and combined Red5-Stratus support, made Chatroulette Clone the highest rated and most popular script to start your own chatroulette website. The provided source code provides ability of unique customization and inclusion of new features.

RVC is an Adobe Flash™ software that uses a lightweight back end service for handing peer-to-peer random video chat sessions between the strangers who visit the RVC powered website.

7 Facts about RVC (RVC-S)

  • RVC is the only script capable of instant connections (no delay) over Stratus
  • RVC is the only script ready to connect over both Stratus and Red5
  • RVC is the only script to offer our SpeedChat function that makes it ready to run on dating websites
  • RVC is the flagship script, with 5 unique functions developed by us (SEE FEATURES)
  • RVC is the only script with new features and updates on a regular basis (SEE NEWS)
  • RVC is the highest rated Chatroulette clone script (SEE FORUM)
  • RVC offers the 100% unenrypted Flash and PHP source code without any hidden licensing mechanism

Why Choose RVC/RVC-S?

  • chatroulette-clone.com began developing RVC(CRC) in February, 2010 and has provided chat roulette software and new features/updates longer than any other vendor. One year of continuous development means, the software that will provide your service is tested, stable and reliable.
    Most chatroulette and random video chat websites use customized software based on our RVC source code.
  • chatroulette-clone.com is one of the few, who provide both PHP and Flash (important!) source code, without any encrypted code fragment or hidden license mechanism. You have 100% control over your service and the software. Always ask software vendors if they include the Flash source, if not, modification will be impossible or expensive!
  • chatroulette-clone.com is the only website to provide customers with regular upgrades (details here) and a dedicated support forum with over 1000 registered members and developers: http://www.videosoftware.pro/forum
  • most of our customers are web developers and freelancers, looking for new ideas on the web that can be exploited and turned into revenue. We do the same, look for the new and provide the source code for our customers. Whenever something new comes up, existing customers get significant discounts (up to 50%) for all new video chat related software sold trough videosoftware.pro (latest is RVC-S)

Run Your Own Chatroulette Video-Chat website!

Why start from scratch and hire a coder; let our Chatroulette application be your turnkey solution to start your own video-chat website. Our goal is to provide the best possible solution to web developers who are setting up video-chat sites by improving our code daily and by adding new functionality and hot features.

Chatroulette Clone allows web developers to fully edit our source code and insert into their projects to have a professional video-chat component up and running quickly. Our global approach includes bringing language support to the chat world. We deliver the turnkey solution, you can optimize it to your needs!

  • We are the most supported chatroulette script available!
  • The script provided by us is 100% open, you can modify every single bit. No hidden keys, no encoded license.
  • Our supporters help us daily with new ideas, bug-reports, small code-fixes and international translations.

Download the chatroulette alternative (clone) script including the full source code and the Adobe Flash Builder 4 project: Chatroulette Clone Script (RVC), Adobe Flash Builder 4 project and full source code package, ready to be used on any web server is now available for a special low price.
IMPORTANT: Please check the latest chatroulette alternative. RVC is the software you are about to download, exactly as demoed on http://videosoftware.pro/svc/.

Download Here

Take Your Time and Learn More About Chatroulette Clone

ChatRoulette Clone (Chatroulette Program) is a Random Video Chat service that allows you to “Meet a Random Stranger” from a random location (any country, any language, any gender).
Test our solution at http://videosoftware.pro/svc/. Check back daily and see our newly added features. Our code is updated and enhanced daily, so if you saw something you like yesterday, it will be there tomorrow. We strive to make the code more efficient and functional everyday.

What is New and Improved with Chatroulette Clone?

HOT features- Gender filter, Age filter, Different styles, Layouts and Backgrounds, SpeedChat, Auto find, Language support, Browser detect, Facebook ready, 100% Editable Source, No License Key, Stratus ready, Red5 ready (2.x), New Features Daily, Updates, e-Support.

Connection Times- The latest version with Red5 support allows Chatroulette Clone to use its’ own resources in case Stratus is not available.

Twitter- Follow our new Twitter Page (twitter.com/JabberCam) to learn about our newly added features.

New Language Support- We now have 13 ready-to-load languages: English, Chinese, German, French, … and more coming soon. For a quick test-drive watch our demo.

What Do You Get When You Download Chatroulette Code?

  • Adobe Flash Builder Project (including all the unencoded source files to build the chatroulette program)
  • Easy to understand instructions for starting your own video-chat website using Chatroulette Clone
  • The pre-complied turnkey copy of the script with an editable (fully editable source code) working sample of the back end services in PHP.
  • Email support services to help set up your video-chat website using Chatroulette Clone.

Customer Service

Chatroulette Clone’s source code is free of syntactical code errors, however, with every software there is no guarantee the solution will be 100% bug-free. Here at Chatroulette Clone we will do our best to help you via our e-customer service program in dealing with questions, troubleshooting, and other solutions. Please be aware our reaction time varies between a few minutes to several hours later depending on our site traffic. We are shipping the best rated RVC script that serves thousands of users daily. We will do our best to help you via our forum in dealing with questions, however, there is no guaranteed support. Please do not contact us with Red5 or server support questions.

If you decide to start your own media server and have difficulty with setting it up, we advise you to ask help from other customers, who succeeded before. To do so, visit our community forum.

Download Chatroulette Software

When downloading Chatroulette Clone, you’ll get the complete Adobe Flash Builder 4 project (including all the unencoded source files) with the working-sample implementation of the back end services in PHP as is, together with a short, easy to understand instruction for setting up the database and start your chatroulette website.
In addition, we provide you a pre-compiled (turnkey) copy of the script in case you don’t want to bother yourself with Flash builder projects and PHP scripts. You may be able to download some of the previous (supported) layouts and versions too.

When downloading Chatroulette Clone, you understand that you’ll get the turnkey script for the chatroulette clone with an editable (unencoded and open source code) working-sample of the back end services in PHP, as is (please see hundreds of online demos). If you have any trouble setting up your own Chatroulette Clone website, we will do our best to help you via our support forum. By downloading, you understand and agree, there is no guarantee nor email/phone support. I mean nothing, so please do not contact us with silly requests while trying to get free support, installation, personalization or any other sci-fi. You will get kindly ignored, blocked, banned ;-).

Thank you for downloading and using SVC with your Video Chat projects!


Customer Feedback

"We got it working in ten minutes! Great software, short and up to the point description. We had a little problem with back-end services, the support was prompt and professional.

Thank you guys, it was a pleasure to do business with you!"

Key Features

  • 100% editable Source Code
  • Video and Audio support
  • both Red5 and Stratus support
  • SpeedChat feature
  • Multiple filters (gender, age, language)
  • Multiple Layout support
  • Browser detect Language support
  • P2P RTMFP streaming
  • Low server bandwidth usage
  • No media server required
  • Works on any shared hosting
  • Top Rated Script Quality
  • Lifetime Support: new features/bug-fixes
  • more features...


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What are we Doing...

  • Welcome our new brand name, GOVIDO! 2012-02-18
  • SVC Flex libs 0.9 released. Connection rebuilt from scratch, instant connections via Cirrus (Stratus) no more waiting, no dropped calls. 2012-02-12
  • More updates...

Red5 and Stratus Support

Chatroulette Clone with Red5 support

Recent Comments

Good to know!

When purchasing the Chatroulette Clone, you understand that you get the code 'as is'. The packaged script will allow you to start and run a chatroulette clone website as JabberCam.

You will also get the full source code to modify, translate, re-compile or change the code in any way you wish. You understand that you will need the following to run/build the application:
After received, your order, we will processed instantly (at night, please allow 2-8 hours (up to 12 hours) for processing).

Please read the questions asked by other users, you will find valuable answers. [Questions]

Meet the Random Stranger

Chatroulette: Random Video Chat

"On Chatroulette, a new and controversial Web site, every click lands you in a face-to-face video conversation with a random stranger. The setup is simple: Activate your webcam and click "play." Then, as people from all over the world pop up one at a time in a box on your screen, you decide whether or not to chat with them. If you don't like the looks of things, click "next" and the site shuffles you to someone new." Surce: CNN.COM

Get the leading script everybody is talking about!
JabberCam is the enhanced version of chatroulette, giving you dozens of enhanced features and the most important of all: 100% of its unencoded (open) source code!

Start your own Chatroulette website!

If you got here, you probably know why you want to start your own chatroulette website. If not, here are just some of the reasons:

● chatroulette is the newest "thing" around and getting extremely popular!
● you may think most people heard about chatroulette and it doesn't make any sense to start now. Ask your friends and family, nobody ever heard of it. Well, it is time to give them an answer, your own chatroulette website!
● video chat gives flavor and interaction to your website, makes it fun and more popular.
● chatroulette acts like a magnet, drives hundreds of new visitors and brings LIFE your blog.
● you can add your own ideas and re-invent chatroulette or just give it a new meaning...

Runing Your Own Chatroulette

Download the market leader chatroulette script and start your own chatroulette service in minutes. download

When you are ready to move forward, just purchase chatroulette source code and make your site as you always wanted to be. buy now
Change the design, add or remove buttons, change background and button colors and images, turn on or off features. If you need something new, just send us a feature request.
(90% of the new requests are accepted by us)

We are here to give you the best engine to your chatroulette concept. Many of our clients started with chatroulette clone and ended up with a stunning, unique looking and very popular website.